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“I have been using SBX since it opened. The amount of time and money I have saved is priceless. It's an easy way to get home without the stress.”
Cesar M.
Otay Ranch

“I have used the 125 toll road from day one. I have two transponders, one per car. I love the views from the toll road, especially early morning, and seeing the occasional wildlife (falcons, coyotes and egrets) foraging in the brush. The road is so smooth and the views so majestic.”
Karen H.
San Diego

“I use SBX because it is not as congested and I feel safer overall. I do live on the east side of the 125 and it's much easier to jump on it than to drive all the way to the 805.”
Darlene H.

“Every morning from East H Street to Birch Road (Mater Dei Catholic High School) is a five minute commute on SBX versus 10 minutes on surface roads. My son is in a better mood, I save time and money not having the wear and tear on the vehicle from stop and go traffic - all for 50 cents ! As for my commute to work in Normal Heights every morning - I shave eight minutes off my drive time. Driving 30 minutes versus 38 minutes is huge! If you want to improve your life's quality, use SBX...it is a game changer!”
 Miguel B.
Chula Vista

“Thanks for lowering the tolls! I started using SBX after it first opened. I used it six days a week at about $125 a month. I didn't mind because using this portion of the road takes 30 minutes off my commute to work and I don't have to sit on 805 idling my gas away. I have saved money on gas and time, my stress is less, and now we have reduced tolls! Thanks again!”
Susan R.

“I live in Spring Valley and I work in Eastlake so I use the South Bay Expressway every day. I jump on it going to work and I get on going home – each direction is always a breeze with beautiful scenery. I can go on forever talking about all the benefits I receive by using the Toll Road, but I’m sure everyone has heard them all.” “I am extremely impressed by the representatives I talk to every time I have to contact SBX. I have NEVER called into a customer service line and received the type of care I receive as I do when I call you guys. I have approximately 10 physician accounts that I oversee, so occasionally I have to pick up the phone to call. Your customer service reps are “TOP OF THE LINE” when it comes to satisfying my needs, each and every one of them deserves a pat on the back. THANK YOU SBX FOR THE SERVICES YOU PROVIDE!!!”
Stacy P.
Spring Valley

“SBX saves me time when I'm in a hurry. I use it a few times a month to commute to work and shop in Eastlake and Otay Ranch. It has been so convenient and fast. It has saved me a few dollars and wear and tear on my car which means savings for car repairs and car maintenance. Thank you SBX.”
Delia J.L.
Spring Valley

“Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go. Now it's over SBX and through the mountains to grandmother's house we go. With a three hour drive ahead of us to Yuma, Arizona, there is nothing like taking the 125.”
Fernando D.
Chula Vista

“I live in San Miguel Ranch, and I am so thankful to have the 125 by my home. Without it I would be taking East H Street to the 805, five days a week, to get to work. That’s 30 minutes a day the SBX is saving me! Now I just take the 125 and I'm at work in 20 minutes. The time I save in the morning is a gift. Thank you SBX for extra time in the morning with my family and pets.”
Rose G.
Chula Vista

“SBX is a daily route for my family, saving us 15-45 minutes each way. From our home in Eastlake, we use SBX to drive our teenager to/from school in Lemon Grove, bringing our toddler to/from the babysitter in National City, commuting to/from my workplace by Balboa Park, and traveling to/from my wife's workplace in Grossmont. Not using SBX means more time on the road, dealing with stop and go traffic contributing to higher fuel consumption and increased wear/tear on the brakes costing more than the fee of using SBX. The greatest benefit of using SBX is minimizing the stress on the road with consistent, traffic free travel.”
Rich M.

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